Module 2 - Website Optimisation

The Website Optimisation module will explore how to build and publish a well-designed, high-performing and optimised website that is aligned with your business goals.

You will use the key components of web design to design, create and publish an effective website and choose the most suitable hosting option based on budget and business goals.

At the end of the Website Optimisation module, you will know how to improve user experience through A/B testing, mobile- first design and UX and UI optimisation.

This module will help you understand how
to use your website for insight, tracking, measurement and data capture using metrics and tools.

Topics covered include:

Concepts Optimize

  • Website Optimization

  • The Purpose of Website Optimization

  • Components of Website Design


• UX versus UI
• UX and UI Principles • Assess UX
• Improve UX
• Optimize a Website

  • Website Hosting Options

  • Build a Website Measure

• Create a Layout For Your Site

Web Design & Content

  • Design Principles

  • Mobile First Design

  • Website Copy

  • A/B Testing

• Website Metrics
• Evaluate a Website • Monitor and Report